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6 Different fish scale brushes to use on procreate! (Including one fish scale highlighter brush)  I have been working hard on these brushes and perfecting how they work for a few weeks now and I am so excited to be able to release them for you guys 😁 If you are looking for brushes that will help you to paint fish (or anything else that has scales) You are going to love this! In this pack you will find 6 brushes specifically designed for painting fish skin and texture. 


Best used on an a4 size canvas, if you are using other sizes you can easily change the scale of the scales (pun intended hehe) by clicking on the brush and editing the size (instructions in photos) I hope you enjoy using these brushes as much as I do! 

The file will be sent in a link to your email, once you open the folder it will automatically load the brush onto procreate!

Fish Scale Brush Pack 2023

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