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Dive into the mesmerizing world of "The Whirlpool."  Limited to just 10 prints, each 50x50cm, this artwork is inspired by the magic of Seal Rocks, NSW. 


Seal Rocks, a beautiful spot along the New South Wales coast, teems with life beneath its waves. Diver Mon's artwork captures the essence of diving here. At the heart of this artwork, a captivating female figure stands amidst a swirling dance of marine life. While the vibrant sea creatures swim and whirl around her, she remains a serene and unwavering presence.

The artist skillfully portrays the coexistence of stillness and motion, juxtaposing the chaos of the swirling currents with the tranquility exuded by the central figure. Amidst the lively commotion, she stands undisturbed, embodying a beautiful contrast between the dynamic energy of the ocean and her unwavering calm.


Printed using Giclée techniques, each piece is numbered, signed by the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Printed onto fine art 100% cotton, acid free paper. Hang "The Whirlpool" in your space to feel the ocean's allure and wonder every day.


What is giclée? In its most basic definition, giclée is a French term for “to spray”. It references the process that an inkjet printer uses to reproduce fine art or photography to create individual copies of the original piece. Archival-grade Giclée fine art reproductions are recognized as “the next best thing” to owning the original artwork. These Giclée prints have an archival rating of greater than 100 years.


Please Allow 14- 30 working days for all international orders. Diver Mon art is not liable if you have entered the wrong address, please double check that it is the correct address before purchasing. Diver Mon art is not liable for any taxes and duties incurred upon arrival.

"The Whirlpool" fine art Giclée print

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